ECM system for KERNEL

The goal and the task of the project was the establishment of a unified information space for all company employees, implementation of legally significant document workflow procedure, automation of common, personnel, and management document workflow procedures, reduction of time for document approval and signing, maximal riddance of logistic costs for transferring paper copies between territory distributed offices

Corporate portal — a single entrance point to the company information space

  • informative home page, divided by configured topical widgets, with necessary data for the employee 
  • search by the company’s information resources, including search by document content 
  • the portal is adapted for work on mobile devices 
  • the solution is built on thin client architecture, i.e., user needs only a web browser and an internet connection to work with the portal 
  • support of integration with company pages and groups in social networks

A single cabinet of an employee

  • consolidation of all assigned to the employee tasks, grouped by categories 
  • a possibility to mark long-term, non-operative tasks (audit, monitoring of gaining strategic goals) on a separate block 
  • monitoring stages of performing own tasks and tasks got from other employees 
  • information about all processes where the employee is involved in any role 
  • there is a mechanism for processing tasks from email clients and messengers, which is especially actual for employees who work out of the office 
  • HR module, performed by information block about career, employee's subordination data, and strategic goals 
  • quick access to personal documents 
  • the Out of Office function is for the automated delegation of the employee's tasks to the substitute person during the time of their absence 
  • support of integration with bot platforms 
  • navigation blocks to the company information resources, system and portal functionality, and initiating of business processes 
  • a centralized catalog of processes and services 
  • a possibility of operative and tactical planning by personal and common calendars 
  • a general corporate catalog of business processes and requests available to the employee according to their powers 

Contracts portal

  • implemented procedures of legally significant document workflow between legal persons of the company and counterparties​ 
  • electronic documents with QES instead of sending paper documents with seals 
  • certificates for the keys are generated by the employee's query in the system​
  • automation of work with any kind of contracts 
  • document preparing, approval, and signing, including with QES 
  • exchange documents with counterparties
  • document templates
  • search by the contract database 
  • document registration checklist 

Counterparty Portal as a single window for the company’s counterparties

  • contracts and constituent document exchange with the company 
  • a contract signing service allows exchanging legally significant documents with QES attaching and visualization 
  • conducting document archive 
  • full-text search 
  • requests for joining the forwarding program 
  • documents for products re-registration in the elevator
  • work with electronic invoices (eTTN) 

HR processes automation

  • systems of the employee activity annual evaluation 
  • vacations planning and approval 
  • request for the certificate from the workplace 
  • application for dismissal and exit checklist signing 
  • personnel selection 
  • new employees onboarding 
  • business trips
  • other HR requests 

Automation of internal requests and services

  • ServiceDesk 
  • internal audit processes 
  • request for a car, meeting room, stationery, lunch, etc. 
  • requests to the security service 
  • other requests

A terminal for the work of employees who have no personal accounts

  • terminals are used by employees who work in factories, elevators, etc.
  • information about payments for filling out the payslip form 
  • payroll information concerning the requirements to document generation 
  • applications registration for further approval in the system 
  • authentication by SMS
  • support screens with touch control 
  • possibility to get such services as a certificate from the workplace, payroll, vacation registration
  • others 

Electronic documents archive

  • normative and reference documents
  • legal documents 
  • court cases

Implementation of the business analytics platform

  • ​ there is a subsystem of analytical reporting by Microsoft Power BI tools
  • a convenient representation of consolidated information, with the possibility to detail certain aspects if needed​
  • visual representation of reporting

​Use of modern digital interaction channels

  • messengers, chat bots, email, mobile apps
  • ​ portals for collaboration unfolded in the cloud

The adaptive design is present, which provides the best user experience regardless of the device type. There have been developed system integration with the corporate company landscape, namely with the ERP system Navision, accountant modules 1C, project activity management system on the JIRA platform, and corporate dictionaries and catalogs 

Implementation results 

  • Working time saving and labor productivity increasing. After the system implementation, the time for approval and signing of some document types in the KERNEL company was reduced from 2-3 weeks to 1 hour. The system allowed to eliminate the working time losses and free reserves for performing new tasks by the personnel thus increasing the working time use efficiency
  • Business processes transparency. Business process standardization and automation contribute to the company's sustainable growth, in compliance with actual legislation, transparency and honesty principles, and social responsibility policy, while limiting the possibilities of conflict of interests, violation of internal policies and procedures, and abuse of trust or official position in the company
  • Increasing the corporate system management efficiency. Thanks to the automation of business processes, the speed and quality of management decision-making, conducting of HR procedures, internal audit processes, and administrative document flow increases, which provides progressive systemic changes in the company resources management
  • Reduce of the logistic losses. The implementation of the system allows for avoiding costs related to the conducting of paper document workflows such as costs for paper, office equipment maintenance and consumables purchases, transfer paper copies between geographically distant business units and offices, and also for storage and disposal of paper media
  • Elimination of document loss-related cases. Created mechanism of document electronic approval allows avoiding paper documents losses. Instead, information is securely stored in several data centers at once, and due to its multiple copying, the risk of loss is eliminated
  • Business processes safety. The solution excludes the possibility of forging a signature or signed documents due to compliance with modern requirements and information security norms
  • Individual approach. While implementing the system, the specifics of the customer's activity and needs, corporate principles and standards, features of the management system and business processes were taken into account. This approach to the solution implementation allowed for achieving a powerful synergetic effect, capable of positively influencing the overall financial result of the customer

1 000 000 + documents signed with electronic signature 
100 000 + electronic documents are signed every month 
6 500 + counterparties exchange electronic legally significant documents with the company 
2 500 + company employees use the document management system 
50+ document type provided with fully automated business processes for their processing 

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