Business Process Automation (purchases)

Automation of initiating and planning purchases 


  • Automation of material resource and service purchase request processing procedures
  • Business process for initiating and planning purchases: draft, approval, lotting 
  • Coding requests according to the Project Classifier Reference Book 
  • Business process for purchase distribution: lotting, lot approval
  • Business process for selecting a supplier: lot publication, competitive processing, approval of the supplier, preparation of a draft contract, approval of the draft contract 
  • Ability to break up a lot 
  • Maintaining a directory of counterparties
  • Attribute search for documents, including full-text search (based on document content), report generation 

Implementation results

  • The speed of decision-making, execution discipline, and control over all stages of procurement are increased 
  • Risks of contracting with unreliable counterparties and clients are minimized due to counterparty accreditation
  • Financial risks and risks of confidential data loss are minimized

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