Modern solutions for business and public sector

We offer complex industry solutions, that will help you to automate business processes, establish a unified information space, and improve the efficiency of different company divisions operating

Industry solutions

  • Banks

    Business process automation for the banks: document workflow, lending, automation for the back office and management, document and client cases archival storage

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  • Agribusiness

    Business process automation for agriculture complex enterprises and holdings, including agricultural production and trading, agrochemistry, processing, food industry, etc.

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  • Industry

    Business process automation of technical, project and design, and technological activity for machine-building enterprises, design organizations, and engineering companies

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  • State bodies and LGE

    Automation of business processes, that are compliant with the real needs of time requirements and regard state authority bodies and local government features, including enterprises, institutions, and organizations with a similar organizational type

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Solutions for departments

  • Personnel management

    Automation of the HR processes complex for more efficient and convenient of the company’s personnel management services operating

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  • Sales and procurement

    Automation of business processes in procurement, sales, and interaction with suppliers, clients, and partners

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  • Archive

    Automation of the business processes complex for archiving and the company archival division operating

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Solutions by functionality

  • Document workflow

    Solutions that help to establish a modern electronic document workflow, which automates processes related to document creation, their approval, signing, and familiarization, execution of assignments, and monitoring of document’s passage through all lifecycle stages.

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  • Contract management

    Management of contracts and related documents such as invoices, acts, specifications, commercial proposals, etc. These solutions help with the automation of work with counterparties and the optimization of accreditation and interaction processes with them

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  • Portal solutions

    Solutions that help to establish complex portal solutions for the efficient management of corporate information and automate business processes both inside and outside the company.

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  • Business analytics (BI)

    Solutions that provide information-analytical support for making administrative decisions due to the generation of complex dynamic reports and dashboards based on any volume of data from any sources.

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