Corporate portal

The enterprise portal contains news sections, navigation sections for access to the main important resources necessary for the work of enterprise employees


  • Personal Account of an employee – a single entry point to the system, all tasks are available in one place for the user 
  • An informative home page of the organization, which is divided into thematic blocks (organization structure, contacts of employees, news, announcements, calendar of events) 
  • Search in all information resources, archives, websites accessible to the user, including full-text and attributive search 
  • Design and management of business processes (processing vacation requests, registration of sick leaves, etc.) 
  • Personnel module (vacancies of the organization and departmental divisions, questionnaires), information on personnel ratings 
  • Service Desk – automation of service requests user 
  • Centralized monitoring of system activities, audit log 
  • Consolidated reporting, business intelligence 
  • Management of document templates, reference books, instructions
  • A single mechanism for digitizing paper documents (streaming and non-streaming scanning), support for a qualified electronic signature 
  • Opportunities for administrators: managing the structure, content, access rights to sections of the portal
  • Role model of access rights: internal users, connected businesses, moderators, administrators 
  • Multilingual interface, internal chat, support for integration with bot platforms 

Implementation results 

  • Contains over 1,000,000 client cases 
  • Has been successfully used for 5 years 
  • Used in subdivisions of 6 countries of Central and Eastern Europe 
  • More than half the cost of document management 
  • Implemented a system of multi-criteria separation of access rights for users from various departments of the company 
  • Corporate portal (based on SharePoint) 
  • Implemented the End-of-Day module (monitoring the implementation by employees of routine procedures and processes) 
  • Multilevel system of access and publications (general interbank information, information of individual departments) 
  • Publication of data on cross-currency rates, current versions of NBU/Bank regulations, etc. 
  • Project office management system (based on SharePoint) 
  • Centralized monitoring of the status of active projects in the Bank 
  • Project Risk Management 
  • A business intelligence subsystem for presenting consolidated reporting on current project activities and the overall status of projects

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