The corporate portal (internal)

The corporate portal of a company creates a single information area for employees co-working; it allows to combine all elements of corporate information into a single resource for convenient use by company employees. The Service Desk module was also implemented as part of the project – automation of employee service requests


  • Informative home page of the company, broken into thematic blocks: 

  1. news and announcements 
  2. links to the company information resources 
  3. event calendar 
  4. company structure 
  5. employee contacts, birthdays 
  6. feedback

  • HR module: 
  1. company and structural divisions vacancies, questionnaires
  2. information on staff motivation, development and evaluation 
  3. training materials (presentations, video courses, online library) 
  4. maintaining employee information (general information, contacts, vacations, payrolls, training, annual assessment, etc.)
  • Document management: 

  1. rules for documents execution
  2. forms, templates and sample documents 
  3. reference books and instructions
  4. information for bidding processes 

  • Support for a multilingual interface, integration with the company bot platforms and information systems 
  • Service Desk — a module for automating employee service requests: 

  1. single window for service request management
  2. business process for request processing: creation, review, appointment of an executor, execution, closing 
  3. history of employee requests 

  • Administrative functions:

  1. web portal structure and content management 
  2. portal sections access rights management – portal section moderators
  3. reference books and document directories management 
  4. event audit 

Implementation results

The introduction of the corporate portal made it possible to create a single information space of the company for employees co-working, to enable employees actively participate in the company life. The Service Desk module has accelerated and systematized employee service request processing

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