Electronic document archive

Electronic document storage system, which provides structured secure storage of bank documents according to the nomenclature of cases, with the number of users of 500 people


  • Sending a document for archival storage from the bank’s information systems 
  • Registration of documents 
  • Scanning of electronic documents, including direct import into the archive, including documents in electronic – digital signature 
  • Search for cases, volumes, documents, including full-text search within the meaning of documents 
  • Audit of operations of formation and approval of acts of destruction, transfer of cases to divisions 
  • Formation of an act of acceptance – transfer, an act of destruction of documents and other 
  • Convert documents to permanent PDF-A for long-term storage of documents 
  • Work with cases, volumes, documents (case numbering constructor, reshaping, closing, working with cases, managing transitional cases) 
  • Formation and maintenance of the nomenclature of cases 
  • Case designer in accordance with the structure and approved provisions of archival storage, the formation of a consolidated nomenclature of cases, cases of structural divisions 
  • Formation of the nomenclature based on the nomenclature of previous years, agreeing on the nomenclature of cases 
  • Formation of the printed form of the nomenclature of cases

    Issuance of cases, volumes, documents 
  • Return of cases, volumes, documents 
  • Export of documents, volumes, cases in the electronic ASIC format, which allows you to directly save documents, meta – information, and information regarding digital signatures, according to the recommendations of the European Union 
  • Book of accounting for the receipt and disposal of documents 
  • Statistical report in the context of departments, nomenclature of cases, additional customization of reports 
  • Loading a group / role model from external systems, support for CEP 
  • Configuring the matrix of access rights in the context of organizational structure, roles, nomenclature of cases 
  • Support for electronic digital signature (EDS) and qualified digital signature (CEP) 

Implementation results 

  • Provided structured storage of documents in electronic form 
  • Minimized the cost of maintaining a paper archive 
  • Increased the efficiency of work with document flow in general 
  • Simplified the work with archival documents (withdrawal, sending for storage)

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