Niva Pereyaslavshchina

The Niva Pereyaslavshchina group of companies is a vertically integrated business model that allows implementing a strategy of effective development of the company with maximization of value added at all stages of the business process: growing and preserving cereals - production of mixed fodders - fattening pigs - slaughtering and meat processing - sales of products TM "P'yatachok" in its own trading network and through distributors

The Niva Pereyaslavshchina group of companies turned to us in 2018 with a request to implement an electronic document management system, the main tasks of which were: automation of office management main processes, reduce the time of document processing by employees (creation, approval, signing, execution of resolutions), minimization of error risks while working on documents and increasing of an executive discipline. Just after half a year, the employees of the Niva Pereyaslavshchyna group of companies were able to see all the advantages of the implementation of the electronic document management system


Electronic document management system

December, 2022

An electronic document management system that automates outgoing, incoming, internal documents, as well as contracts in the Group of companies. The project implements an individual process the process of contract automation, which automates of work of business contracts

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Other clients


RISOIL S.A. was founded in 2000 in Geneva, Switzerland. Over the years of its development, the company has opened offices and launched production in a number of EU countries and in Ukraine. RISOIL S.A. provides the following range of services: logistics of oil, bulk and general cargo in the Black Sea ports; sale and production of vegetable oils; trade in grain and oilseeds; transshipment, storage and processing of agro-industrial products

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KERNEL is a world-leading and the biggest in Ukraine sunflower oil maker and exporter and the key global market supplier of agricultural products from the Black Sea Basin region. KERNEL exports its products to more than 80 countries in the world. Since November 2007, the company’s shares have been traded on the Warshaw Stock Exchange (WSE)

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COFCO Agri Resources Ukraine

COFCO Agri Resources Ukraine is a subsidiary company of the Chinese national corporation COFCO (China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation), which specialized in the export of grain and oil crops