LOGIT Management Consulting 

The merger of LOGIT Management Consulting, a Munich-based company specializing in international employee surveys, and Effectory, a Dutch provider of innovative feedback tools, formed the Effectory Group of companies. With a staff of 200 people in Munich, Amsterdam and Cape Town, the company advises, empowers and supports more than 1,000 organizations in more than 70 countries each year. In Germany, the Group of companies operates under the name LOGIT Effectory

LOGITManagementConsulting applied to our company with a request to automate the processes of preparing and conducting mass corporate surveys. Also, one of the company's requirements was the automation of the company employees' survey results analysis. Thanks to the implementation of the solution and our team's professional work, it became possible to quickly provide convenient and automated experts' work with respondents and establish team interaction


Employee survey system

September, 2022

An electronic system that automates the process of preparation and holding of mass corporate surveys

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Other clients

Niva Pereyaslavshchina

The Niva Pereyaslavshchina group of companies is a vertically integrated business model that allows implementing a strategy of effective development of the company with maximization of value added at all stages of the business process: growing and preserving cereals - production of mixed fodders - fattening pigs - slaughtering and meat processing - sales of products TM "P'yatachok" in its own trading network and through distributors

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Naftogaz Digital Technologies

Naftogaz Digital Technologies is a subsidiary IT-company of Naftogaz, the first public-sector IT insourcing company dedicated to unifying and automating business processes of the Naftogaz Group. The company develops, implements, supports and ensures the functioning of various levels and complexity of IT solutions for all companies within the Naftogaz Group

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ArcelorMittal is the leader in major global steel markets, including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging. The company also possesses large raw material stocks and effective system of sales. ArcelorMittal with the workforce of more than 199 thousand employees has representations in 60 countries all over the world

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