Employee survey system

An electronic system that automates the process of preparation and holding of mass corporate surveys

Project description

Automation of preparing and conducting mass corporate surveys, and analyzing survey results of company employees. The system is a web portal (ASP.NET technology)


  • Company organizational structure formation of the, survey "routes" creation 
  • Questionnaire structuring (questions, answer options, point scores, linking questions to organizational structure elements) 
  • Personalized surveying 
  • Providing the customer's management with access to consolidated survey information, visualizing data in a graphical representation in the context of pre-configured criteria 
  • Ensuring joint work on reports based on test results (communication between the customer's management and survey company consultants) 
  • Generating test reports in various formats (pdf, xsl) 
  • The solution is optimized for smooth operation under load (simultaneous connection – up to 50,000 users) 

Implementation results

  • Creation and PMF administration for carrying out mass surveys of employees of large European concerns considering the particularities of the organizational structure of business enterprises 
  • Organization of the employee-focused survey 
  • Handling the received survey data 
  • Generation of static reports and visualization of survey results in a graphic form 
  • Automation of the process of drawing up recommendations to optimize the operation of some plant subdivisions ensuring the coordinated work of the company management with the expert group of analysts making the survey

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