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The system allows you to automate the processes of transferring documents from a bank branch, processing, storing and searching for bank documents, as well as segregating levels of access to attributive information and document content at the level of branches, regional directorates, and central bank divisions


  • Automation of the Time to Yes stage (decision-making) of the loan process – creation and filling out of loan application data, consideration by services and approvals 
  • Flexible determination of the route of the business process based on the data of the loan application and the requested loan conditions 
  • Automation of the “Time to Money” stage (documenting the loan) of the credit process – universal approval and signing of a loan agreement, pledge agreements, sureties, including digital signature 
  • Subsystem for maintaining the current conditions of credit agreements, monitoring indicators, timing of collateral checks 
  • Aggregation and visualization of analytical reporting for clients, client groups, maintaining the “credit history” of borrowers 
  • Configuring the control function in the processes of servicing credit requests 
  • Formation of reports on the status of approval of certain documents and regular sending of such reports to managers 
  • Integration with other banking systems and services to organize the concept of a “single client” 
  • Flexible differentiation of access rights depending on the role and position of the employee, structural unit, document type, client segment 
  • Subsystem for calculating credit indicators, solvency ratios and collateral 
  • Centralized storage of information about groups of companies, borrowers, loan applications and indicatives, credit limits, covenants, collateral objects; all information is stored centrally, available to users according to their official authority 
  • Search for documents in the repository by various attributes, the ability to export results to MS Excel format

Implementation results 

  • The archive contains about 10 million documents 
  • Up to 1,500 users work simultaneously with the archive 
  • The system has been successfully operated in the Bank for 5 years 
  • Within the framework of the project, a bi-directional integration with the ABS on the SAP platform was implemented, which allows both to update the information in the archive with data from the ABS, and to use the archive from the front-system for the primary identification of customers 
  • Centralized the work of the back-office of the Bank’s division 
  • Significant savings have been achieved due to the number of personnel employed in documentary operations 
  • A significant reduction in the area allocated for storing archives has been achieved

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Archive of client cases

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The system allows you to automate the processes of transferring documents from a bank branch, processing, storing and searching for bank documents

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