Collegial body Portal

The collegial body Portal was implemented and the additional subsystem for its members’ voting was developed. The electronic system has automated the work of the bank’s supervisory board and established a unified corporate standard of information representation to be able to concentrate on making effective management decisions

Functional capabilities 

  • User’s Personal Account: a unified corporate standard of information representation, all cases are available in a single room 
  • Automated making of the meeting agenda, approval provided with the possibility to add proposals 
  • The automated procedure of making requests: question for the review, explanation, reasoning, decision draft 
  • Designing routes for requests and meetings approval, making minutes of the meeting, bringing the decisions of the Council to the attention of the executors, automation of assignments and control of their execution 
  • Configuring notifications/reminders for the Committee members about the need to make certain decisions or about upcoming events
  • Centralized monitoring of actions in the system, audit log 
  • Management of document templates, dictionaries, and manuals 
  • Management of structure, content, and access rights 
  • Electronic voting subsystem with «yes», «abstain» or «no», making proposals and comments on the decision draft, summing up 
  • Support of different algorithms for counting voting results, configuring the voting logic 
  • Support of digital signing (QES), which makes documents signed in the system completely legally significant 

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Implementation results 

  • Time and financial costs for establishing and holding meetings of a collegial body are reduced 
  • A significant simplification of the cooperation in the team due to the possibility of working with documents at any convenient time and from any place having only an internet connection and a web browser
  • Issues with data leaks are excluded due to the reliable storage of data and documents 
  • Monitoring deadlines for performing the assignments reduced the probability of failures to perform tasks and increased execution discipline 
  • A convenient work due to the clear and intuitive interface and design

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