Electronic archive system for design documentation

An electronic system that establishes a unified store of electronic documents

Project description

As part of the system implementation, several hundred thousand documents were successfully imported, and a single repository of design electronic documents was created in accordance with interstate standards (2.051-2006 "Unified System of Design Documentation. Electronic Documents) 


  • Automated processes for creating, storing, and canceling design documentation 
  • Structured storage of documents in the context of an organization, design, or drawing 
  • Formalization of the procedure for managing the life cycle of documents 
  • Linking a document in an electronic archive to a real paper document 
  • Ability to store files in any format 
  • Distribution of access rights with support for simultaneous collective access
  • Providing collective access to documents within a territorially distributed structure 
  • Printing documents directly from the system 
  • Ensuring the security and confidentiality of information, the system and user actions auditing 
  • Management of classifiers of various objects and reference books (organizational structure, users, system objects) 
  • Flexible functionality for searching both by attributes and document content 
  • Module for generating analytical reports on the state of documentation 

Implementation results

  • 1 million + electronic copies of documents 
  • 40% reduced expenses related to documentation management 
  • Implemented automated rules for working with documents 
  • Improved document processing quality 
  • 30% increased document processing rate

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