Internal corporate portal for 1+1 media

Corporate portal — a single entry point to the company’s information space

Project description 

The aim of the implementation of the internal corporate portal was to establish a unified information space for all company’s employees. The portal is intended to solve tasks for improving communication, familiarizing with a corporate culture of 1+1 media, automating internal services and processes, providing a convenient feedback tool, creating a unified knowledge base, etc.

Despite complicated circumstances, caused by the pandemia, and war conflict in Ukraine, including lasting blackouts, our teams managed to show a high level of professionality and successfully implemented the project on the softXspace platform and Orchard Core CMS, which consists of two stages – creation of the portal itself and its main parts, and improving its functionality and feedback. As of now, we are working on the additional third stage, which intends further modernization of the portal.

Stage 1: Creation of portal and its main parts 

Personal accounts of employees: 

  • aggregation of information from different systems, that allows users quickly and easily view 
  • important data information about medical insurance 
  • information about position responsibilities and place in the company’s structure
  • representation of assigned to the employee materialistic goods and library books 
  • display of all the employee’s publications
  • section «My support»: list of contact details of experts, assigned to the department, where an employee works and to which he can turn as needed 
  • food: statistics of funds spent in the corporate cafe for the selected period, and the possibility of online monitoring of the queue in the cafe 
  • personal settings: add, change, or delete the profile photo, and links to social media pages and messengers 
  • notifications settings: get push notifications on the publishing of new articles in selected categories 
  • profile security: login history, possibility to logout from all devices 

HR section:

  • possibility to order certificates from the place of work, about income, for obtaining a visa, etc. 
  • vacancies: current company’s vacancies with the possibility of sending the CV or recommending someone 
  • career changes: start working of the new employee or changing the position of any team employee
  • the organizational structure of the company provided with links to the structure departments, colleagues profiles (phono, name, position, number of subordinates, contacts, position responsibilities), syncs with the HRM system 
  • competence model and grading: description of the company competencies and employees’ grading by 10 levels, responsibility areas, and examples of positions on each grade level, for a better understanding of career growth possibilities and ways of growth in the company

Corporate culture:

  • information about values, mission, company rules, and social responsibility 
  • section «Newbie book»‎ (onboarding) contains different information, which helps to quickly adapt to the company and learn information about the corporate culture and traditions, activity areas 
  • birthdays: viewing the feed of upcoming colleagues’ birthdays provided with the possibility of joining to greetings 
  • media gallery: possibility to view photos and videos from the corporate events
  • digests: possibility to view the description and download a weekly information magazine
  • benefits and corporate discounts: the list and information about each item available to the employee 
  • corporate store: the list of the branded stuff with a photo, description, price, and contacts to purchase 

Home page and other topical sections of the portal:

  • the informative home page provided with all necessary to an employee information, which divided by thread sections (TOP news, СЕО appeal, Internal projects, Vacancies, Library, Upcoming events, Survey, Corporate events feed, etc.)
  • an interactive office map with a search by the employee and quick access to their contacts
  • a corporate library, where users can order both electronic and paper books 
  • a corporate knowledge base with access to current administrative, HR, PR, IT, financial documents, etc. (i.e., users can get document templates, application blanks, current marketing materials) 
  • convenient structurization and search, including full-text, for the knowledge base
  • conducting surveys and voting provided with the ability to set appropriate periods and view statistics 
  • a handbook of service services with their contact information 
  • power search of colleagues or company information resources, including by the document content
  • integrations with internal systems of the company: accountant system, ADFS, etc. 
  • adaptation of the portal for mobile devices with the ability to work 24/7 from everywhere and anytime
  • intuitive interface and design for the convenient work of employees on the portal

Multifunctional and modern content management system Orchard CMS: 

  • a convenient tool for adding content to the internal portal 
  • fast creation of new pages with the help of a designer containing more than 100 different widgets 
  • ability to add tags to any kind of content for later easy navigation 
  • configuring navigation sections for the company’s information sources, general functionality, and business processes initiation
  • integration of internal and external company sources into the internal portal’s interface (as frames) 

Security and reliability: 

  • authentication by the ADFS service, which completely provides issues with access identification
  • two-factor authentication
  • OWAST provides web sites security 
  • utilizing secure frameworks and libraries, secured access to databases, information encryption and protection, mandatory access control 
  • a successfully completed IT security audit 
  • notification system by e-mails about actions, which could point to potentially unsafe events (e.g., mass deletion or correction of the content) 

Stage 2: improving the portal and new tools for communication between employees 

  • Corporate events feed, which causes the portal to become a complete social network of the company. Each employee can add a post, learn about current news, colleagues’ publications, and interesting events, and leave comments or react👍😂❤️🔥
  • HR section: vacation planning calendar (automated vacation planning in the employee’s profile with monitoring its processing state and push notifications) 
  • Update of the information home page, which contains all the data necessary for the employee and is divided into topic sections (TOP news, СЕО appeal, Internal projects, Vacancies, Library, Upcoming events, Survey, Corporate events feed, etc.) 
  • Dedicated section with current and archive data by all holding companies with information about their details, document templates, etc.
  • The ability to set up group news mailings to employees with the possibility to select portal users category, to which the news has to be addressed 
  • Update of the mobile layout for even more convenient work of employees on the portal 24/7 from anywhere and on any device 
  • Update of the interface layout and design for even more convenient work of employees on the portal 

Implementation impact

  • 2 000+ total portal users 
  • 600+ employees use the portal every day 
  • 50 000+ portal page views for the month 
  • User interaction average time on the portal in one session is almost 10 minutes 
  • Saving working time and work performance improvement 
  • Convenient working on the portal even for remote employees thanks to extended possibilities to use tablet PCs and other mobile devices for conducting work on the portal 24/7 with the only requirement of having an Internet connection 
  • Increased employees satisfaction and keeping the personnel: the internal corporate portal helps to establish a convenient and attractive working environment, where employees can feel like a part of the team and see real career possibilities 
  • Quick communication between the company employees allows them to learn all rules and professional skills, actively interact with other employees, and efficiently perform personal responsibilities
  • Consolidation of all necessary work documents 
  • The convenience of searching the information in general and the employee workplace in particular 
  • The automated procedure of planning the vacation saves time and resources, decreases potential mistakes, increases efficiency, and improves the overall experience of employees and the company management
  • Increased the employees’ involvement in the company’s internal events
  • Boost for internal procedures and processes controllability due to accounting of employees’ working hours

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