Document Management System

An electronic system that establishes a unified store of electronic documents

Project description 

An electronic document management system that automates outgoing, incoming, internal, and regulatory documents  


  • Access to the employee's personal account: aggregation of tasks, documents, business process catalog  
  • Processing of incoming documents: registration, consideration, execution, execution control, archiving 
  • Processing of source documents: option for creating documents according to a template, approval and signing, registration, archiving 
  • Internal documents: official correspondence, processing of protocols, resolutions, decrees, orders, accounting, personnel documents, etc.  
  • Document approval route designer: parallel, sequential, mixed  
  • Document lifecycle management: creating, saving, editing, adding files, version control, registering, approving, signing, executing, archiving, transferring, etc.  
  • Attribute search for documents, including full-text search (by document content) with the ability to save search templates for generating operational reports  
  • HR management module  
  • Support for replacing manager assistants  

Implementation results 

  • Financial costs for the paper originals storage are reduced and time on their processing is decreased 
  • The time for approval and signing of documents is reduced from 2-3 weeks to 1 hour 
  • Issues with data leaks are excluded due to the reliable storage of documents in the cloud 
  • Risks of mistakes while working on documents are minimized due to the standardization of all working procedures 
  • 100% fulfillment of assignments due to monitoring deadlines and timely performance of work duties 
  • A convenient work of experts due to the clear and intuitive interface and design

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