Electronic document management system

Ensuring the automation of document flow processes at the enterprise, improving management functions. The softXspace Business system has been introduced. It consists of modules: Office work, Calendar of events, Personnel, Personal reception, a module for negotiating contracts


  • Office work. Processing of incoming and outgoing documents, internal correspondence, organizational and administrative documents, protocols, orders and orders, instructions, negotiating contracts, monitoring the implementation of resolutions 
  • Calendar of events. Thanks to this functionality, it is possible to schedule meetings and events, check the availability of free resources and time, and book them 
  • Frames. Maintaining and changing the organizational structure; establishment of new and archiving of dismissed employees; storing information about employees: adding/removing employees to/from the tree of the organizational structure 
  • Personal welcome by the management. Allows you to schedule an appointment, create assignments and documents 

Implementation results 

The introduction of the softXspace Business electronic document management system made it possible to automate the office work and internal workflow processes, to speed up routine work by employees, to minimize errors when working with documents and to improve executive discipline

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