Management of the negotiation of contracts

A solution for conducting contractual activities of an enterprise, which allows to speed up the processes of approval and signing of contractual documents, to ensure their systematic and reliable storage, to automate the processes of accreditation of counterparties


  • Maintaining a directory of contractors, the process of verification and accreditation of a contractor 
  • Automatic reminder of counterparty re-accreditation 
  • Support for standard and non-standard templates of contractual documents and routes for their approval/signing 
  • Automatic determination of the route of passage of the document, depending on the type of contract, amount, currency or other conditions 
  • Possibility of “remote” (out of office) performance of coordination functions 
  • Support for joint simultaneous editing of a document by approvers, adding comments and attaching additional files during the approval process 
  • Fixing all actions in the history of the document, control over versioning and revisions of documents 
  • Support for automatic and manual generation of registration numbers of contractual documents according to specified rules 
  • Quick search for documents in the system by various attributes 
  • Tracking the states, terms and progress of the fulfillment of contractual obligations, with the function of reminders and the possibility of automatic renewal 

Implementation results 

  • The processes of creating and processing applications on issues from the area of responsibility of administrators of bank contracts have been automated 
  • Development of contracts 
  • Negotiation of contracts and registration of signed contracts 
  • Search and access to negotiated and signed contracts
  • Formation of analytical reporting

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