Electronic document archive softXspace Archive

With the help of the electronic archive system, there was established systematized electronic storage for the bank documents according to the case nomenclature

Functional capabilities

  • Sending documents from the bank information systems to the archive
  • Documents registration
  • Making electronic document scans, including direct import into the archive and documents with a digital signature
  • Search for cases, volumes, and documents, including a full-text search by the document content
  • Audit of operations on making and approval of acts for elimination or transferring cases to the divisions 
  • Making acts of document transfer, elimination, etc. 
  • Converting documents into the unchangeable format PDF-A, which is aimed at the long-term storing of documents 
  • Work with cases, volumes, and documents (case numbering designer, re-forming, closing, working with cases, processing transitional cases)
  • Creation and record-keeping of the case nomenclature 
  • Case designer in accordance with a structure and approved conditions of the archival storage, making consolidated case nomenclature and cases of structural divisions
  • Making case nomenclature based on the previous years’ nomenclature, case nomenclature approval 
  • Making a printing form of the case
  • Issuing and return of cases, volumes, documents 
  • Export documents, volumes, and cases into an electronic format ASIC, which allows you to store documents as is, metadata, and data about digital signatures referred to the EU recommendations 
  • Record-keeping book for receipt and disposal of documents 
  • Matrix configuration for access rights in the context of organizational structure, roles, case nomenclature 
  • Support of digital signing (QES), which makes documents signed in the system completely legally significant 

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Implementation results 

  • Financial costs for the paper originals storage are reduced and time on their processing is decreased 
  • Structured keeping documents in the electronic form has excluded document loss and provided a convenient search 
  • Time-saving and increased the experts’ and archivists’ work efficiency
  • Costs minimization for supporting paper archive 
  • The increased work efficiency with document flow in general has simplified work with archive documents (disposal, transfer to storage)

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