A workspace and add-ons based on Microsoft 365

Automation of company processes and services, and document storing based on SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate, Teams

Functional capabilities

A complex system of record-keeping and inventory goods and materials based on the Power Automate and SharePoint platforms 

PowerApps add-on «Inventory»

  • view the listing of all goods 
  • a quick search of the required equipment with a barcode/QR-code scanner 
  • equipment removal from the warehouse 
  • request for equipment ordering 

PowerApps add-on «Ordering» 

  • setting tasks about new orders in Planner 
  • making an order for the required goods 
  • monitoring the history of each piece of equipment 
  • record-keeping of goods and a list of suppliers 

Database in the SharePoint lists 

  • managing and editing lists 
  • establishing the connection to the company applications 

A system for automatically generating of Safety Passports and Technical Passports by attributes 

  • an automatic generating of documents in PDF with the required structure and in different languages according to the template (background, fonts, formatting, text blocks, tables, etc.) 
  • verifying for duplication
  • a structured storing of the generated documents 

A single document storage equipped with a security model, search service, and support of barcode/QR-code scanner 

Developed the architecture of document storage based on the Hub sites infrastructure, configured content types, document Retention policies and Sensitivity label 

Module for setting work in Teams: calendar for the employees’ working time planning, integrated with Outlook

The «Absence Calendar», which allows to record and visualize days with the employees’ absence

Implementation results

  • Established a unified space for the employees’ cooperation and fast access from Teams to the required information
  • The time for searching for the required equipment, which is needed to get from the warehouse or order from the supplier, was reduced 2-3 times due to the built-in search both by the name or by the barcode
  • Established a triple-level system of equipment record-keeping 
  • Convenient monitoring of the equipment availability and its quantity in the warehouse due to the visualization of equipment coming to an end 
  • A simplified and systematized procedure of equipment issuing from the warehouse to employees with the system of issued items record-keeping 
  • A simplified procedure of ordering the required equipment from suppliers due to the functionality of making orders and changing their status
  • Totally automized the process of generating technical documentation 
  • Implemented a structured storing of documents in the cloud with a convenient search